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Welcome to how it turn(ed)out where we spotlight the many voices involved in the making of The Turn Out.


Their stories inspired our film.

Now they share their stories with you.

The Turn Out - Hear From Our Truckers
Palinka Pictures

The Turn Out - Hear From Our Truckers



Survivor and Family Support Worker in Athens County, plays Nevaeh.

There are scenes in the film that were influenced by experiences that my siblings and I shared due to growing up in a community and home that were affected by drug addiction.

Regina's Story

Ruth, John, & 

Bud Day

Activists and trucker living in Athens County.

John and Ruth are associate producers on the film, Bud contributed his truck and stunt driving.

Long story short. I live in Athens County where a woman was pimping out her underaged step-daughter in exchange for drugs to our neighbor who had just been released from jail.

Story Coming Soon

Day's Story



Originally from the Plains in Athens, Ohio, plays June, Nevaeh’s Mother.

I think in playing that role, it was important to me to find empathy and sympathy for her … she’s sort of a villain, a terrible character… but it was important to me to find the side of her that is a victim herself.

Marlo's Story

Jennifer Kempton

Survivor and founder of Survivor's Ink in Columbus, Ohio


We need to get America's eyes opened to the fact that this is happening here, and it's happening in your neighborhood, and it is happening in the home."



Survivor and Advocate, founder of The Freeman Project in Columbus Ohio.

Plays herself in the film.

I remember one morning before we shot, I told the crew my story and told them instead of criticizing and being judgemental of the women they see out there, be a source of help, ask a question, 'can I help you?'

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 5.55.44 PM.png
Barbara's Story



Survivor and Activist in Columbus Ohio, plays Selina.

The problem is they differentiate between a hoe and a bitch and a regular woman… they are all regular women.

Kamilah's Story



Trucker, plays Crowbar.

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And if you start peeling back the onion and you sit around and watch, you see what's going on. It doesn't take long and you question yourself, you go, is that really happening? And you know what? Eyes don't lie, your eyes don't lie to you. That's, that's a fact.

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 1.31.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 4.37.37 PM.png

Chris Rattie &

NattyLou Race

Activists, composers, and musicians who wrote the title song, “Heaven Spelled Backwards."

Each verse is sort of the different characters talking in a way.

Race's Story

Terry Fortkamp

Artist, Glouster History and Mural Project

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I said to mom, but with a war, what good is an artist? How would I make money as an artist? And she said, Terry, those hardest times are the times we need artists the most. That stays with me.  

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Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 2.33.23 PM.png



Activist, former trucker, and manager at the Liberty Truck Stop in Mineral Wells, WV.

Plays herself in the film.

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Story Coming Soon

Phillis's Story
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