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What Others Have Done...

A Purse Drive

Morgan Seiff, a Penn State student, organized a purse drive which was operated out of St. John Lutheran Church in Bellefonte, PA. The purses, which were filled with necessary items for women, were then donated to The Freeman Project where they were distributed to victims of sex trafficking.

How Can I Do That?

3 Simple Steps:

1. Contact a local organization, nonprofit, church, etc. to see if they will host your event. (If for some reason they are unable to, don't worry you can host it yourself!)

2. Create a flyer, social media post, Facebook event, etc. to get the word out about your event. (Check out the flyer to the right as a model.) Then invite your friends, family, neighbors, and be sure to advertise your event to raise awareness. 

3.) Host the event! Collect the items others have donated and package them in the purses before delivering them to the organization the purses will be going to (ie. local church, organization, nonprofit, etc.)

Purse drive_Rowland_flyer.png

What Else You Can Do...

Get involved by hosting your very own purse drive, screening of the The Turn Out, or other community event to raise awareness and help victims of sex trafficking today.


If you are interested in hosting an event but need help planning or finding a local organization that works with victims of sex trafficking, don't hesitate to contact with your idea!

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